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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Birthday Festivities!

We had a fun and exciting birthday week around here! Jack turned 2 on Sept 17. Jack had a fun breakfast birthday treat to start off his day. Pancakes, bananas and sprinkles...yum! He went to Miss Charla's (daycare) that morning and took his specical birthday treats to share with his friends. I picked him up early and we headed to the zoo! He got to have popcorn as we strolled around the zoo together. That evening we went to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner. Jack gave all of the waitresses high-5's as they came by our table. After dinner we went home for birthday presents and cupcakes. Jack even blew out his candles!

Grandmother and Chandler

Beautiful sign Caroline made!
Trying to steal some icing!

Having fun outside!

Taylynn Bivens

Preston Bivens

Jack kissing Alayna! It was so cute!

The following Saturday we had family over for a small birthday party. Jack LOVES school buses so that was the theme this year. He seemed to really enjoy it and loved spending time with Grandmother and his cousins!


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