The Omenski's

Doug, Mollie and Jack

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Birthday Festivities!

We had a fun and exciting birthday week around here! Jack turned 2 on Sept 17. Jack had a fun breakfast birthday treat to start off his day. Pancakes, bananas and sprinkles...yum! He went to Miss Charla's (daycare) that morning and took his specical birthday treats to share with his friends. I picked him up early and we headed to the zoo! He got to have popcorn as we strolled around the zoo together. That evening we went to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner. Jack gave all of the waitresses high-5's as they came by our table. After dinner we went home for birthday presents and cupcakes. Jack even blew out his candles!

Grandmother and Chandler

Beautiful sign Caroline made!
Trying to steal some icing!

Having fun outside!

Taylynn Bivens

Preston Bivens

Jack kissing Alayna! It was so cute!

The following Saturday we had family over for a small birthday party. Jack LOVES school buses so that was the theme this year. He seemed to really enjoy it and loved spending time with Grandmother and his cousins!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack!

We have had a busy but fun birthday week for Jack! Last Saturday after our walk to the mailbox Jack got to open a card from GG and Paw-Paw. He was super excited!!!! And he loved the stickers!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Treat Day!

Monday is Jack's 2nd birthday and with that comes treat day at Miss Charla's. So keeping with the school bus theme of his party, I made school bus cookies for him to take to day care. Let the birthday week begin!


We pick up Doug tonight at 8:30pm and cannot wait! We had some great Momma/Jack time but we are ready for Daddy to be home.
We went to Chick fil a for dinner to help kill time. When we got home Jack got a bath an PJ's and we are going to the airport!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Today was raining a chilly! It was a nice change from the super hot weather we have been having!

I was able to turn on the fireplace for the first time today and Jack was in awe!

This evening we went over to the Omenski's house and played for a little bit!
One more day until Daddy comes home!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Just work and daycare for Jack and I today. But we had some fun with Play-Doh and goofing around the camera tonight. A quite evening at home. We are really missing Daddy!


Tonight Jack and I went to dinner with the Omenski's at On the Border. It was nice to slow down for a second and not have to worry about dinner! Jack was great and enjoyed eating on the patio. We had a wonderful time!

When we got home Jack wanted some snuggle time with Bentley. I'm not sure Bentley felt the same!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I had a super busy work day today! My manager came in town a we went to about 4 meetings around town. Luckily the Omenski's were able to help out and picked Jack up from daycare.

(i forgot to mention that I bought Jack's Halloween costume on Sunday-which he does not like)

After picking Jack up this evening I made a deal with him that if he put on his pumpkin I would give him 3 m & m's...after much persuasion he agreed!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A whole week!

Doug left for Ohio this afternoon for a week of training for his new position. So Jack and I are on our own this week (with a little help from Nana and Papa)!
We started off the week with a date tonight at Cici's pizza. They even had Mac-n-Cheese pizza...Jack's favorite!
It was such a nice evening we decided to decorate our sidewalk with chalk.
Now bath time, milk and bed are coming up as we wind down our day. Stayed tuned for a daily update on our week without Daddy!

PS Doug made it safely to Ohio around 6pm tonight! :)